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May, 2008

"The book combines the chemical excesses of Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho with a John Grisham-style plot, and it has an art-crime subplot reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code…"
—The New York Sun


Everything about Jonah Gray screams success—expensive clothes, a Park Avenue penthouse, and a seven-figure income. A cutthroat, rainmaking New York City commercial real estate broker, Jonah craves opulence and power. He beds models, romps the globe on weekends, and sees the world as his for the taking. Jonah Gray has it all. Or at least, he had it all.

When Andreu Zhamovsky, a close family friend, presents Jonah with the deal of a lifetime, Jonah jumps at the chance. All Jonah has to do is act quickly, invest half a billion dollars in prime NYC office buildings, and collect a huge payoff.

But there is much more to this deal than Jonah had ever contemplated, and this golden opportunity turns out to be anything but.

Along with this deal comes one of the world's rarest and most valuable antiques planted in Jonah's briefcase, and within days of signing on, Jonah is mysteriously thrust into the epicenter of an international and personal scandal.

Forced to explore a whole new territory where he can trust no one, and where danger, death, and deception lurk at every corner, Jonah will learn some painfully hard lessons about the quest for true wealth.

Taking risks has been the hallmark of Jonah's career. But this time, the stakes are much, much higher and Jonah will put everything—and everyone—he loves at risk.

Closing this deal could mean losing it all.

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Indie Excellence Award logo Praise

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award in the thriller category

Finalist in the USA Book News 'Best Books' thriller category

"To get some insight into the heady world of commercial real estate dealmaking, try the fast summer read, THE DEAL."
—New York Post

"…THE DEAL manages to hit on every broker flight of fancy: Russian business people, million-dollar bank accounts, commercial office space, brand lust, model sex, a fairly large amount of cocaine, and liberal usage of the 'F' word. All that's left to wonder about is who'll play protagonist Jonah Gray in the sure-to-be-made film version."
—Hamptons Magazine

"…Gittlin deduced the industry where his career has thrived was perfect for a book about a young commercial real estate broker pulled into an elaborate scheme. The title already has Gittlin receiving comparisons to bestselling author John Grisham."
—ABC News

"…it's a sharply written tale, and Gittlin manages to generate plenty of suspense. Definitely worth a read."

"The book combines the chemical excesses of Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho with a John Grisham-style plot, and it has an art-crime subplot reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code…"
—The New York Sun

"THE DEAL is a highly recommended thriller for community library collections, and for any reader who wants a captivating story from first page to last."
—Midwest Book Review

"This is one of the best thrillers I've read in a long time. THE DEAL throws you forward with intense characters and sharp dialogue and never lets up. A masterful plot builds relentlessly to a spot-on conclusion. Gittlin is one to watch."
—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Jury Master and Damage Control

"Wheeling, dealing, and greed haven't looked this good since Gordon Gekko."
—Chris Grabenstein, Anthony Award-winning author of Tilt-a-Whirl

"THE DEAL is a powerful tale of big money and big egos."
—Lawrence Light, Senior Investor for Money & Investing, Forbes Magazine, and co-author of Ladykiller

"THE DEAL rips open the ugly underbelly of the real estate business to expose greed, treachery, and power struggles that lead to murder. Adam Gittlin turns real estate into real suspense."
—Marshall Karp, author of Bloodthirsty and The Rabbit factory

"With a sure hand, Gittlin invites us into the milieu of the rich and powerful where big money is as addictive as drugs and sex…hypnotic."
—Martha Powers, award-winning author of Death Angel

"If you like Joseph Finder and Stephen Frey, you're going to love Adam Gittlin."
—Becky Lejeune of Book Bitch

"THE DEAL effectively combines the suspense of a Grisham thriller with a captivating drama concerning the famous Faberge eggs…"
—Book Pleasures